Welcome to the grassroots revolution to bring down the cost of prescription medications made by American companies.

At a cost of millions of dollars and having been tested over the past 8 years, we are bringing to the American public a means of getting massive savings when purchasing prescriptions. This is done utilizing sophisticated software which allows pharmacies all across America to bid on your prescriptions, sometimes saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollar annually.

With a database in excess of 100,000 prescription formulations, and at a cost of only $7.00 per month per customer, you have the ability to reach across America for the lowest prices for your medications.

Praised by physicians, hospitals, pharmacists, insurers, and government entities, this unique database is being opened to the general public after being available only to large corporations since 2006.

To be sure you receive first notice of the launch of this program, please fill out the form on this site so we can notify you in advance of the general public. To receive this advance notice you must have the email of someone who has referred you to us.

Please watch the 5-minute video to gain an appreciation of how this service is going to turn the pharmaceutical industry on its ear and maybe even allow you to earn a substantial living helping us spread the good word.

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